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Bio’s on our Authors

Dee Brestin’s best-selling books and Bible studies are packed with wise and fascinating insights about friendship, loneliness and the need for community, sisterhood, and female camaraderie in today’s transitory society. She’s been praised by Carol Kent, who says “God’s anointing is definitely upon her,” and Dr. James Dobson, who comments “I like the way Dee thinks.” But most of Dee’s wisdom hasn’t been gleaned from library research or sociology classes—it has been earned by years of personal, sometimes painful, life experience.

In addition to being a bestselling author, Dee is a frequent speaker at seminars and women’s retreats, as well as a contributor to such magazines as Focus on the Family, Guideposts, and Today’s Christian Woman. She and her husband live in Nebraska, with her two youngest daughters. They belong to an Evangelical Free Church.

Kathy Troccoli has performed before the Pope and a National Football Championship crowd. She has amassed numerous national television appearances including “The Tonight Show” and “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee,” and landed singles on the top of Adult Contemporary, Top 40 and Christian radio charts. She has shared the stage with Jay Leno, Michael Bolton, BoyzIIMen and dueted with Andy Williams and The Beach Boys.

An 18-year Christian music veteran and award-winning, Grammy nominated singer and songwriter, author, speaker, and television series host, Kathy’s an artist known as much for her generosity and humanitarian efforts as for her powerful vocals. Her undeniable talent has brought her the awards and accolades of the industry: three Dove awards, 24 career Dove nominations, two Grammy nominations, and two Billboard awards. But it is her compassion and strong convictions that define Kathy as a person and an artist, and her desire to share Jesus and minister hope that compels her. “The most important thing to me is that people are able to embrace the lyrics and feel what I sing,” says Kathy, “If I can’t impart love … mercy … compassion … hope…  then it’s not worth it to me.”


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How this works

This Study will meet in person, on Wednesday evenings, every other week, starting February 1st. We invite all to come share a light meal at 6:30, followed by the study at 7:00. At that time, we’ll view the DVD lesson, discuss the content, review the daily devotionals (optional), and look ahead to the next meeting’s focus, and pray together.  The meeting should end by 8:15. Each lesson has 5 daily personal studies to enhance and reinforce the teaching in the DVD lessons. We will do these studies over the course of the days between in – person meetings. This will help us keep up with school, work, families, and our daily Bible readings, part of our Radical Experiment. [For more information on the Radical Experiment, click on the About Scio page above.]

By the end of the first 10 week study (by default, 20 weeks), Falling in Love with Jesus, we’ll have collectively identified the key points that were most meaningful in communicating Truth, and compile this info into a workshop format so that we can “catch” people up once a quarter. More information on the Workshop will be forthcoming as we develop the material.

Check out our Facebook Page, Falling, Living, Forever and send a message to get the address emailed to you.

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Why Study?

Before we ‘officially’ begin, it’s worth asking the question, why study? This question is two-fold.

1) There’s the intentional question – why do this thing called study? This is kind of the easy question, at least for me. For example: You see someone that you want to get to know better. You imagine what it might be like, you dream up ways to strike up a conversation or be noticed, you fantasize about how spectacular it could be and then . . . . what? You must act in order for it to be real. At the very least, you need to friend them on facebook or its equivalent otherwise what you have isn’t a relationship, but a fantasy.

I ask myself, why would God have put all the effort into moving in the hearts and minds of His creation, to record His very thoughts and actions, to transcribe His heart – in a love letter to us, if He didn’t want us to read it? (2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:21) How can we begin to know and understand the mind of God, which we are encouraged to do, if we don’t open it? (Romans 12:1-2; 2 Peter 1:3-8) This is all the motivation I need. This tells me, it’s not a one-sided, unreciprocated attraction, to carry on the relationship analogy above. There’s no fear of rejection so why not dive in and receive the benefits of that yearning.

2) Then, there’s the semantic question – Why call this thing you do study? This is a harder question. Wouldn’t it be easier if we called it reflection. . . sounds lovely right? Or what about, review? Consider? think about?  It distances us from it, and makes it sound as if we can pick and choose the parts we like. Few people like to Study. Studying is difficult, time consuming. It carries with it a bad connotation left over from years of school. It implies homework, effort, burden. . . . and yet, that’s not all. Study also implies knowledge, understanding, value.

In a recent conversation with one of Scio’s college students, we reflected on the other benefits to education, the things that you get by being in a place of study. There’s the social aspect of being with other like-minded individuals, the power of being challenged to think and to change or reinforce long held behaviors or ideas. There’s the chance to redefine your beliefs or ideas as you look at them through different lenses. The opportunity to see the consequences of your own behavior as, in some cases, for the first time you are making your own choices and decisions or you see the results of the choices made by others. You can learn by not only your own mistakes, but the mistakes of those around you. There were so many things, when we were done, that made the experience worthwhile and beneficial.

I believe it is the same with the study of Scripture. Study moves us beyond passivity into actively applying content. It brings with it others that come alongside and rub shoulders with you, challenging and encouraging, and even admonishing. The accountability and assurance that you get from joining alongside someone, sharing the journey, not focusing on the destination, but on the steps to get there . . . and then the joy and closeness of a shared experience.

May we be like the Berean Jews that Luke spoke of in Acts 17:11, who received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what was said was true.

May our study result in Wisdom and New Life.

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welcome to Falling, Living, Forever in Love with Jesus

We are planning to begin a Women’s Bible Study focusing on the material put together by Author Dee Brestin and Singer Kathy Troccoli. I hope that you will join us on this journey.

Getting to know our Saviour and Bridegroom, Jesus, may sound a little odd at first, but as we study the Scriptures we see this idea unfold. From the earliest pages of Genesis through the final pages of Revelation, God pursues a love relationship with His creation. We are that creation.

Throughout the Bible, His love story propels history as He reaches out to a people, then a nation, then the World. John 3:16 is one of the most quoted verses. Verse 17 is as important.

 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes  in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.

It wasn’t  Judgement or Condemnation, but Love, that drove our Father to send His Son for our redemption. All who choose to accept that love begin a fantastic, overwhelming, delightful, challenging, exciting, and worthwhile journey.

The offer is made, the invitation extended. I hope you join us.

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