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Falling in Love: Lyrical Style

What does it mean to fall in love? When words are not enough, music uses melody to infuse thoughts with meaning.

Music tells us that love hurts, love stinks, love bites, only fools fall in love, love is a battlefield, we wonder what love has to do with it (whatever it is), it’s a sweet old fashioned notion, a second hand emotion, love is obsessive, destructive, we can be all out of love, we long to know what it is. Love makes no promises, it has its own shack, too much love will kill you, we can be victims of love, and we’re lost without love.

Love is a verb, all we need is love, love makes the world go around, love is a many splendored thing, there is power in it, you can feel the love [tonight], we celebrate our love, we can love tender, it is endless, love will keep us together, we would do anything for love[but not that]. Love can build a bridge, love is alive and love will keep us alive, it moves in mysterious ways, it’s the answer, it’s all that matters, it will lead you back, and love don’t lie.

We stop in the name of love, we’re better because we were loved, we wonder if we’ve told each other lately that we love, we can’t buy it, there’s glory in it, sometimes we give love a bad name, love don’t cost a thing, it can runaway, it’s in the air, it can be bad, careless, there’s a Sunday kind of love, love is the bottom line and everybody needs somebody to love so you’d better love the one you’re with.

 Whew . . . what a whirlwind. Are you exhausted yet?

 So what’s your favorite love song? Is there a song that resonates with you? Speaks your mind? Reveals your heart?


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