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How this works

This Study will meet in person, on Wednesday evenings, every other week, starting February 1st. We invite all to come share a light meal at 6:30, followed by the study at 7:00. At that time, we’ll view the DVD lesson, discuss the content, review the daily devotionals (optional), and look ahead to the next meeting’s focus, and pray together.  The meeting should end by 8:15. Each lesson has 5 daily personal studies to enhance and reinforce the teaching in the DVD lessons. We will do these studies over the course of the days between in – person meetings. This will help us keep up with school, work, families, and our daily Bible readings, part of our Radical Experiment. [For more information on the Radical Experiment, click on the About Scio page above.]

By the end of the first 10 week study (by default, 20 weeks), Falling in Love with Jesus, we’ll have collectively identified the key points that were most meaningful in communicating Truth, and compile this info into a workshop format so that we can “catch” people up once a quarter. More information on the Workshop will be forthcoming as we develop the material.

Check out our Facebook Page, Falling, Living, Forever and send a message to get the address emailed to you.

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